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Gaining Environmental Approval for Your Business in Ontario
Every single business in Ontario with processes or activities that discharge a contaminant to the natural environment must have explicit approval from a governing body to operate legally in the province. This approval can only be granted through the Ministry of the Environment and businesses have two distinct ways to gain approval. The systems and processes that the business uses will usually dictate which method is appropriate for gaining environmental approval.
The two methods of approval in Ontario are:
These approvals are especially important to businesses that range from small commercial facilities to large manufacturing systems because these types of businesses have processes that are most likely to have a negative environmental impact. Approval is required for any business with the following environmental impacts:
  • Releasing contaminants into the air, land or water; and
  • The storage, disposal or transportation of waste.
Requiring approval from the Ministry of the Environment serves two important purposes in preserving the health of the environment. It helps the ministry track and limit the amount of contaminants that are released into the environment as well as ensuring businesses are liable for any spills and damages.
What is a Sector Registry Permit?
The EASR is in place to allow businesses to register explicitly allowable activities directly with the Ministry of the Environment. The EASR is only available to a limited set of systems that have been tested and approved for usage under a preset rule of operation.
The requirements to register for the EASR program essentially mirror the same environmental standards that are necessary to achieve an ECA however the EASR program exists only to remove the approval process for specific minimal impact systems.
Businesses are currently able to use the registry for the following routine systems:
  • Heating systems;
  • Standby power systems (such as generators);
  • Automotive finishing facilities;
  • Lithographic, screen and digital printing facilities;
  • Small solar facilities; and
  • Non-hazardous waste transportation.
In an attempt to modernize the approval process for businesses operating in Ontario, the Ministry of the Environment has made Sector Registry Permits available in person and online. By registering the activities, the business agrees to operate the systems based on the approved operating procedures with record keeping requirements, if necessary.
The above systems must meet specific Activity and Operating requirements in order to be eligible to register these systems. In addition, if the system causes an adverse effect (noise or air emission complaint) or the MOE does not feel that the equipment can operate in within the strict air and noise emission criteria then your permit may be revoked and you could be forced to apply for a full ECA as part of an MOE Section 20.18 Order.
EASR and Environmental Consultants
Environmental consultants can play a vital role in simplifying the EASR permit process. In almost all cases it is a good idea to have an environmental assessment conducted before registering recognized systems with the EASR. Environmental consultants are professionals that can efficiently conduct this assessment and detect potential problems with equipment that could lead to unforeseen complaints or issues in the future. These problems usually are in regards to air and noise emissions that do not meet either municipal or provincial standards.
Environmental consultants are experts in regards to the EASR and will be able to both register the applicable systems, as well as keep the business informed when new changes are made to the legislation.
Trust environmental consultants for your EASR permit. They will efficiently register the systems and also ensure the rest of the equipment meets necessary standards.
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